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Anthropocene Review Essay Guidlines

Write A 3-4 PAGE essay that uses the concept of John Greens The Anthropocene Reviewed: you’ll review some specific aspects of our lives, using research to tell its story and making your own argument about what it universally reveals about human life. Requirements: 1. Something specific to review. Make sure you end your essay with a review (1-5 stars).

This Essay cannot simply be your observations about this specific topic, it must include research into the topic. 2. Something universal is revealed by your exploration of this specific topic. 3. A thesis that clearly states your central point, the connection between the specific and universal

. This thesis does not have to be stated directly stated; it can be implied. If it is implied, please include your thesis statement after your essay ends. 4. At least THREE credible sources. You must quote and paraphrase from these sources in your argument. You must include in-text citations and works cited page in MLA format. 5. Use first-person carefully, avoid phrases such as “I think” or “in my opinion”. DO not use the second person.