Due to the prescription of unnecessary antibiotics, there has been an increase in antibiotic-resistant organisms and an increased risk of harm to clients. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has implemented an organized plan to monitor and improve antibiotic prescribing. NPs use antibiotic stewardship to guide antibiotic use across settings to increase safety and improve health outcomes. Navigate to the CDC website and review the core elements Bof the antibiotic stewardship plan.

Include the following sections:

I. Application of Course Knowledge: Apply all required criteria in the initial discussion post with information that is clear, accurate, and sufficient in detail.

Select one of the practice settings listed on the CDC site. Describe two interventions proposed by the CDC to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use in the selected setting.
Discuss the role of the NP in prescribing antibiotics in the selected setting.
Describe a personal or professional experience that involved inappropriate antibiotic prescribing. Based on the principles of antibiotic stewardship how could the situation have been handled differently?