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Your friend, Kairee, is an aspiring graphic designer and is already fluent in web design. While completing her degree program, she constantly gets requests to design websites. Although she isn’t interested in web design long-term, she has decided to help fund her education by starting a temporary small business out of her home. She recognizes that there is very low risk for lawsuit or incurring damages in this field, and because she already owns web design software and can create color palettes and logos in her digital branding class, she doesn’t anticipate a large startup cost. She has potential customers waiting and is turning to you for advice: Should she form a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or a cooperative?
In one or more fully formed paragraphs, explain to Kairee which form of ownership you recommend she pursue. Support your recommendation by citing the key advantages of the form of ownership as they relate to her goals and situation. Finally, warn Kairee of any major disadvantages to the form of ownership you recommend, so she can decide for herself whether to take your advice.