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1. Introduction: Provide an overview of what will be covered in thepaper. Introduction should include general statements on scope ofpractice, competencies, and leadership, and identification of the purposeof the paper. 

2. APN Scope of Practice: Research the Nurse Practice Act andAPN scope of practice guidelines for the state in which you intend to practiceafter graduation. Describe the educational, licensure, and regulatoryrequirements for that state in your own words. Identify whether your stateallows full, limited, or restricted NP practice. Discuss NP prescriptiveauthority in your state. Provide support from at least one scholarlysource. Source may be the regulatory body that governs nursing practice in yourstate. 

3. Nurse Practitioner (NONPF) Core Competencies: Review theNONPF Core Competencies. Describe two competency areas you believe to bepersonal strengths and two competency areas in which you have opportunities forgrowth. Discuss two scholarly activities you could do during the mastersprogram to help yourself achieve NP competencies. Provide supportfrom at least one scholarly source. Source may be NONPF Core Competenciesdocument provided via the link in the week 2 readings. 

4. Leadership Skills: Analyze three leadership skills requiredto lead as an NP within complex systems. Describe two strategies you could useto help you develop NP leadership skills. Provide support from atleast one scholarly source. Textbooks are not considered scholarly sources. 

5. Conclusion: Provide a conclusion, including a brief summary ofwhat you discussed in the paper