This is an Exam.  all the questions are in the excel doc

  1. This exam includes chapter 9 & 10 problems. This exam is optional.  The score of this exam will substitute the lowest of the Exam score you have.

    1) Open and save the file on your computer.

    2) Rename the file, YourLastname_YourName-Exam04.xls

    3) Read the Instructions.

    4) Use each worksheet tab to answer the Problems!!!

    5) Don’t use Word!!!

    6) Don’t forget to insert you name on the INTRODUCTION tab and the names of the people you worked with, if it is the case!!!

    7) Once you have completed the exam, submit the Excel file using this drop box.

    8) Do not type in responses. Use functions and formulas to demonstrate that you know how to solve the problems.