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Of the two types of customer expectations, adequate performance expectations fluctuate the most. Describe situations that might cause adequate expectations to increase, thereby narrowing the width of the zone of tolerance. What might a firm do in these situations to achieve its satisfaction targets?



Support your analysis with a minimum of two Peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles from the Hodges University Databases. World Wide Web articles will NOT be accepted as support.

Write in third person.

Do not use bullet points.

Do not use direct quotes.

Use the APA template. Download APA template.

Include a cover sheet and reference page.

Include one-inch margins per APA guidelines.

Include page numbers and the appropriate heading in the header of the document.

Use Twelve point, Times New Roman font as required per APA.

Do not use contractions as required per APA (e.g. isn’t, wasn’t, can’t, etc.).

Include correct spelling and grammar. Evaluates and compares discipline-specific and quality sources and/or viewpoints; evaluates sources for accuracy, authority and timelines


One of the CLO’s for this course requires that you “Apply customer-focused strategic planning and balanced strategic planning to a marketing plan”. This will be accomplished by building a consolidated project through weekly assignments. Use the readings in the Module 4 Resources, the Hodges Library, and the Internet to respond to the following……Continue with the company you selected in Week 1 and for this week research the following: 1) Consolodate your four week report into one final report. For this week, add recommendations and conclusions.Submit your report in a three to four-page Word document, using APA style. The last paper will consolidate the strategic marketing plan into one document. Below is a summary of additional APA compliance standards:

The title page has an embedded page number beginning with 1. Do not add the word page.

Use level one and two headings. The level one heading is centered and bolded. Level two headings are left justified and bolded

Indent the first word of each paragraph.

A paragraph by definition is four to five sentences.

Double-space your entire document. DO NOT add extra spaces between headings or between each of yo9ru paragraphs.

Numbers 1-9 are written out. Numbers 10 and higher use the numerical value.

The heading on your reference page is References. This heading is bolded.

Use hanging indents.