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This project is designed to teach you two things. First, you need to think critically in analyzing the world around you and applying sociological concepts and/or theories. Second, you need to form logical, scientifically-backed arguments around your analysis of the social world. For this paper, you will use your sociological imagination to analyze media of your choosing. You may select a song, an image, a movie, a news segment, a piece of art – anything that you find interesting that has to do with gender and/or sexualities. I encourage you to get creative with your selection. Given that this is an online sexualities class, I will use various forms of media throughout the semester for us to analyze as well. You are not allowed to select media that we have discussed at length in class and instead find something unique to analyze. However, if something truly stuck with you that we previously discussed, you must run it by me first as you will need approval. You must analyze your media using a sociological concept, sociological theory, or multiple concepts from the required reading assignments and explain how the concepts relate to your media. This is not just an “opinion” piece, as I want you to use what you have learned from the materials in class to justify your analysis of your media piece. You must properly cite and apply the class material, whether it’s from the textbook and/or posted readings. You should also integrate additional citations related to the core sociological concept or theory we discussed in class throughout your paper. Although I do not require a minimum number of peer-reviewed sources, you must integrate peer-reviewed research beyond the original source(s) you are using to cite the concept(s) and/or theory in analyzing your selected form of media. Your paper must be at least 4-5 pages in length in which you engage with the class material and go beyond simply summarizing or explaining the key concepts. It must be double-spaced (no excessive spacing – I will remove the extra spacing from your paper), Times New Roman, 12- point font, and must be in ASA format. Since this is a sociology course, I am requiring you to use the ASA format for your reference page and in-text citations. In-text references should include the author(s) last name(s) and the year (e.g., Barringer, Gay, and Lynxwiler 2013). At the end of the paper, you should have an alphabetized list of references that includes all of the articles you read and discussed in ASA format. This is an example: Barringer, Mandi Nicole, David A. Gay, and John P. Lynxwiler. 2013. “Gender, Religiosity, Spirituality, and Attitudes toward Homosexuality.” Sociological Spectrum 33(3):240– 257

the class book is the Sociology of Sexualities by Fitzgerald and Grossman, 2nd edition, Sage Publishers. ISBN: 978-1544370675 we need references from there and a good choice of a media piece that will represent well the class material with also peer review investigation. the right amount of sources with the book and peer review, we also read in class Cigarettes & Wine by J. Sumerau, 1st edition, Sense Publishers. ISBN Paperback: 978- 9463009270 and No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America by Darnell L. Moore, might be useful as well. but the piece chosen to write has to be not something from our class can be a song. all the instructions are above. ASA in-text citation and references need to be correct in the right format