Are protesters right to destroy Confederate monuments?

-Referring to the articles we read for class and others you discover through research, devote 4-5 pages to considering the question above. Use examples of specific monuments and consider arguments that take different sides of this issue (that is, consider the merits of arguments that you disagree with).
-Choose whatever stance you want within the paper, it doesnt matter. 
-This is an opening paragraph that I thought up and you can use for referencing my writing style or whatever else

-Within our current era of technology, especially within the 21stcentury, there has been a massive increase in the spread of information. Withthis spread of information, people have had the options to view many differentopinions on many different subjects from politics, art, history, mass media,and issues within society. With inventions of social media and other socialplatforms, it is easy to gain a huge amount of support on whatever subjectssomeone wants to push. In our current era, especially within the last decade,there has been a massive push to defy social convention and to push forequality in many different aspects, especially in race, gender, and sexuality.Among one of those main arguments is how the United States of America shouldportray its tumultuous past, especially in context of slavery in the south.This argument is spearheaded by the common debate on whether Confederatemonuments should be allowed to stand in our society today. Through moralquandary and a detailed look at history, protestors should not be allowed todestroy Confederate monuments, but instead, through the proper proceduresshould have the statues either removed or properly contextualized.