The purpose of this assignment is for you to connect course content to an area of interest you have related to the field of early learning (birth to age 8) and/or families. The assignment culminates in a 4-5 double-spaced paper (not including references or the cover page). Please also use 12 point Times New Roman and 1-inch margins. Your paper will have 6 parts:

Part 1: TITLE and (a) Description of your area of interest, and (b) 2 specific questions you have about this topic

Part 2: Why is this topic interesting/important to (a) to you personally, and  (b) to the broader ECFS field. How does it affect/impact families and/or children?

Part 3: Explorations of research efforts related to your topic. Choose 2 or more sources (maximum of 5 sources): peer-reviewed research articles AND/OR professional organizations (.org, .gov., or .edu websites). This section can consist of multiple paragraphs and it should cover around 60-70% of your paper.

Part 4: Conclusion to summarize your research. How has this research deepened your understanding of the topic? What further questions are you left with?

Part 5: Writing conventions such as proper spelling and grammar. 

Part 6: APA style. In-text citations and the reference page follow APA guidelines.