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Writing a Thesis Statement for an Argument Essay

The following brief argumentative essay includes no introductory paragraph and no thesis statement. Write a suitable thesis statement that includes the topic, a position, and some sense of the reasoning used in the argument. Once you’ve drafted a thesis statement, see if you can complete the checklist that follows the essay.

As an extra challenge, you might write an entire opening paragraph that includes a thesis statement. Download the attached Word document. Complete the document and submit the assignment here.


Telehealth is an exchange of data between patients and health care providers. A typical telehealth system involves two components, the first of which is a home monitoring unit. Patients use this technology to collect information such as their weight, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen level. The other component is a centralized monitoring station in a doctor’s office or the office of a home health provider; this station collects the data and delivers it for a health care provider to review.

Telehealth monitoring allows elderly patients to receive health care without leaving home. The system allows them to communicate with a nurse remotely. Even though some might argue that it’s healthier for elderly patients to be more mobile and to take more opportunities to leave their residence, a digital health system allows patients the flexibility to receive care even when they choose to stay home — when the weather is bad, perhaps, or when they are not feeling well enough to travel.

Digital monitoring can also help elderly patients and their family caregivers to be more involved in managing the patient’s condition. Being involved in daily checks of vital signs can give both patients and family members peace of mind. Often families of elderly patients report feeling helpless, especially if they are not able to attend occasional doctor visits with the patient. The telehealth system engages patients and family members and often facilitates a better understanding of the patient’s condition.

Most importantly, a digital health system allows changes in treatment to happen sooner, which can often keep an elderly patient out of the hospital. The quick response is both a health benefit and an economic benefit for patients. When patients don’t have to wait hours or days or longer to see a clinician, their chances of maintaining good health go up, and their out-of-pocket costs go down.

Thesis Statement Checklist

  •  Does the thesis present a debatable point? The thesis should not be a fact or description.

  •  Does the thesis present an answer to a question? The thesis should not be a question.

  •  Is the thesis of appropriate scope for the assignment? The thesis should not be too broad or too narrow.

  •  Is the thesis sharply focused? The thesis should not contain vague words like “interesting,” “good,” “bad,” or “wrong.”