Your paper should have:1. On the top page a standardization of the article’s argument.2. An introductory paragraph presenting the topic and telling the reader what follows. 3. In the body of the paper, a critical evaluation of the argument’s premises and conclusion. See Chapter 8 for evaluation guidelines. (PP and summary doc on Canvas). Cite at least 5 authoritative sources to support your evaluation (more sources strengthen your evaluation).o Use MLA-style in-text citation when you quote, summarize, or paraphrase from another source or use material that is not your own. o Use the author’s last name in MLA in-text citations. EX: “Sleeping at night is widespread.” (Smith)o For every in-text citation in your paper, there must be a corresponding source on your “Works Cited” page. EX: Smith, Walter. Classroom Behavior. Dell Publishing. New York. 20134. A concluding paragraph summarizing the main points of your evaluation and your opinion on the article and the topic. 5. A ‘Works Cited’ pageFormat 750 Words [not less than three pages, double spaced].o Standard 10 or 12 pt fonto Double spacedo Text left justifiedo 1” marginso Title the papero Indent paragraphs one tab stopo Use MLA format for citationsStyle / Expression Write in the active voice with confidence and enthusiasm. Evaluate premises with thought and appropriate research. Demonstrate your understanding of critical thinking terms and tools. No slang, colloquialisms, or abbreviations. Use correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure. Omit needless words. Please carefully edit and proofread your paper. o Your paper must meet college standards for English composition. o N.B. Read your paper aloud to make sure it is clear and coherent.