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Students Hwill write a paper taking a position on the question: What is the purpose of schooling?

You will refer to course material from Lecture 1 to 4 inclusive. Your paper should include at least 2 of the required readings/videos/podcasts from Lectures 1 to 4. No additional research is required. You may wish, however, to incorporate additional scholarship and draw upon your own experience to build your argument.

The paper will be evaluated based on the persuasiveness of your argument on the purpose of schooling, critical understanding of key concepts from the course material, and logical/clear evidence for your position. You will be asked to reflect back on your Statement at the end of the course.

The paper will be 2 pages max (excluding reference page). You are required to provide an essay format paper with an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a developed argument and proper citations using the most recent APA edition.