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Watch the following videos on SEGMENT- Sarah Sze in Balance:

Sarah Sze is one contemporary artist who is purposefully making us evaluate these design elements and principles when we encounter her installations. She states in her Art 21 interview that, What Im really thinking about is how to make a piece feel like it has a life so that, when you experience it, you think about its making In some of her works, she includes a kinetic element, where she is directly dealing with time and motion. She uses arrangements of everyday objects, easily accessible by all, and often found at the dollar store or hardware store, to carve out innovative spaces.

After viewing the following resources on Sarah Sze, please answer the discussion questions below.

Links to videos:


Questions to be Answered –
How does Sze attempt to hold your attention? Describe the methods and strategies she uses in her sculpture.
Please name or describe a piece of Sze’s that you are particularly drawn to and describe what design elements and/or principles you like the most about the piece. Essentially, what is it about the specific work’s composition that intrigues you the most, or you find most innovative, and why?