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Visual Analysis Discussion #2: Painting Portrait Discussion
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This discussion requires reviewing and referencing the Portrait Painting presentation Download Portrait Painting presentation featuring three portraits of well-known world leaders. After reviewing the presentation you should become familiar with roles of an artists and even more familiar with the formal and principle elements of design.


Create a thread
Type in subject “portrait painting”
Type in submission box (each analysis should use at least one element of design and 35 words or less.)
Be sure you are referencing the directions on how your analysis should be written from the presentation.
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Engage with 2 or more with your peers using 25 words or more.
Writing Resources

Portrait #1

Henry VII

Workshop of Hans Holbein

Portrait of Henry VIII

Oil on Canvas


Portrait #2

Abraham Lincoln

Freeman Thorp

Abraham Lincoln

Oil on canvas

1879 ca. -1920

Portrait #3Barack Obama

Kehinde Wiley

Barack Obama

Oil on canvas 2018