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Arthur C Clarkes 2001 Space Odyssey

No Source you don’t have to cite any thing. everything i will provide to you no out side source. I attached the chapers.  Assigmnet 4 Analyze Chapters 1-6 of Arthur C Clarkes 2001: A Space Odyssey novel, and to write up a pre-critical response about what you find interesting regarding the difference between the film Kubrick 2001 Space odyssey and the book.  

Keep in mind that Kubricks movie was not ADAPTED from the book.  Kubrick and Clarke wrote the screenplay together, and Clarke wrote his own version of the story, a novel based on the story that was conceived together with Kubrick.

  The screenplay was inspired by a couple of Clarkes short stories, which we will also read, but the stories are quite different from the novel and the film.  What this means is that Kubrick and Clarke are NOT telling the same story in other words, Clarkes novel does not explain the film, even if it may provide some detail worth considering.