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In this essay, you will compare and contrast the courtly life of the Heian Period with that of King Arthur’s Round Table. By analyzing the thematic, narrative, ideological, and (or) formal elements in the two works, you will demonstrate the significance of these similarities and differences. 

I would like you to closely work with the two texts: provide citations, analyze symbols, focus on language and word choice.
Instead of providing long lists of similarities and differences, I would like you to focus on two or three subjects. For example, ideals of male and female beauty, social hierarchy, fashion. Explain how these concepts figure in the two narratives and how they reflect the cultures in which they were produced.
In this essay, I want you to use AT LEAST one RELIABLE secondary source (a book or a scholarly article) that meaningfully contributes to your discussion. No encyclopedia articles, blogs, or dictionaries. 
 Properly cite the source(s), both throughout your response and at the end, as on the Work Cited. Please visit Purdue Owl for the rules of citation. You are welcome to use OWL’s citation generator, but you will have to double-check your citations before submitting your paper. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/resources.html
3-4 pages, Times New Roman, double space.