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As a consultant who specializes in research design, what 4 problems do you foresee?

Dear All This discussion has been set-up to allow threaded replies. It requires you to post your answer to the two questions first. Then you are required to reply to one of your classmate’s response for each of the questions (2 points per question; 50 word minimum). You can choose to reply to Student Z for Question 1 and Student Y for Question 2 or reply to both answers from Student Z. Note you must post your answers before you can see other replies. 1) “Case 8.3 – Researchers Edgar and Griffin have done extensive planning for a longitudinal study of 80-year-old men with aphasia. They expect the study to last five years with measurements at one-month intervals. Edgar and Griffin have identified 22 participants and expect at least 20 to complete the study. As a consultant who specializes in research design, what 4 problems do you foresee?”

(4 points for 4 problems) 2) “Case 8.1 – Professor Little designed a survey instrument to investigate the opinions of students currently enrolled in communication sciences and disorders programs about research methods and their importance to clinical practice. A questionnaire was mailed to 1000 students who were randomly selected from college programs in a national database. Professor Little received 101 responses within the two months after mailing the questionnaire. What do you see as possible shortcomings in the research plan, and what are Professor Little’s options?” (4 points; 50 words)