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Choose a film or a book that is associated with human geography topics. Be sure to take detailed notes in the film/book about what you see so that you can incorporate film/book themes into the essay. when viewing the film, think about:
✓ How are aspects of globalization, culture, population change – especially migration
– and/or urbanization represented?
✓ What sorts of interdependencies does the film/book explore?
✓ What themes in economic geography do you notice?
✓ How does this film/book connect to the themes of development and poverty that
discussed in lecture and textbook?
✓ How do historical geographies of colonization inform the analysis presented?
✓ What are some of the processes driving urban growth and change shown in the
✓ What other sorts of geographic themes connect with the film/book’s content?
c. Your next step is to write a draft that draws from your reaction to the film/book, your
notes from the film/book, and answering some of those example questions.