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Below are the instructions. I have attached last weeks assignment as a reference.

The link to the HART CITY case study I chose case study 3 (A child with mental health issues/self harm)     https://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/2dett4d/Walden/HUMN/6164/HC6164/assets/db/pages/CS03.html

In this Assignment, you will revisit the virtual community of Hart City. Focusing on the crisis you selected, you will consider professional characteristics you would use to initiate contact and establish rapport while initiating crisis assessment. You will also describe relevant legal or ethical issues.

By Day 7

Submit a 3-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Identify the Hart City crisis you selected in Week 2.
  • Explain how you would use at least three professional characteristics or behaviors to effectively initiate contact and establish rapport with the individual or family in crisis.
  • Describe the crisis assessment model or tool you would use when responding to the crisis you selected. Explain why you chose the model or tool. Justify your reasoning with the Learning Resources and at least one peer-reviewed journal article you found.
  • Use the model or tool you selected to conduct a crisis assessment. Provide a brief summary of your findings and an explanation of how the findings might guide your next steps.
  • Describe any ethical or legal issues that might arise as you conduct a crisis assessment, and explain how you would address each. Use the Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals document, located in this weeks Learning Resources, and applicable laws to support your explanation.