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Your Unit 1 assignment is to write a journal article critique in APA format with a minimum of two references in addition to the article utilized for the critique. The critique must be a minimum of Three FULL pages of content excluding the cover and reference pages. An abstract is not requiredStudents with the LAST NAME beginning with the letters H-N will read and critique the article: .The articles have been downloaded for you in your Unit 1 content. You MUST utilize the “Outline for Writing Your Journal Critique” as your guide for completing each section of the paper. This PDF download gives you specific instructions on how to write each section of the paper. If you fail to read and follow the Outline you will not be able to successfully complete the assignment.       

Your paper will be divided into the following sections. You MUSTuse subheadings for each of the six sections in your paper. This helps to assure you do not omit a section and helps with the overall flow of the paper. Papers without the six subheadings will not be accepted for review.   Please review my brief video on avoiding the most common mistakes students make on assignment #1.  

1. Introduction

2. Summary/Overview

3. Limitations, advantages/disadvantages)

4. Relevance to healthcare leaders)

5. Translation into your current practice)

6. Conclusion

Grading: Assignment #1 is worth a total of 100 points. Each of the 6 sections is worth 13 points, 12 points for writing in APA format, 5 points for grammar, organization and required references and 5 points for meeting minimum number of page requirements. 

Submit your completed paper in the Assignment 1 Dropbox.  

You must have a similarity score of 30% or less.

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