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Balance Sheet Analysis 

       Due by the end of Week 2 at 11:59 pm, ET.
You will analyze the cardiologys department balance sheet in the Portfolio Project Excel Template provided in Blackboard.  On the template, you will utilize the first tab which is labeled W2-Balance Sheet. On your own, create a separate word document and title it as follows, Westshore University Hospital Cardiology Department – Balance Sheet Analysis. On this word document you will provide responses to the following questions.  The questions should be answered in essay format, in a minimum of 150 words and using at least one reference from course materials and/or a scholarly source.  
1.     Explain what assets inform us about a hospitals finances.
2.     State what information the balance sheet shares about the hospitals expenses.
3.     Review the balance sheet statement and analyze the liabilities of the hospital. Locate an area where the hospital could make a change to their spending and suggest a remedy. Justify your answer. 
4.     According to the total liabilities and fund balance what would be the hospital net worth? Is this good or bad? Justify your answer.