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Your paper will be formatted per APA rules and should at least 2500 (approximately 10 pages, double-spaced) words in length. In developing the paper, you must show that you understand the concepts outlined in the How section of this document.
To accomplish this task, you will
Define your business in terms of what it is, what you do, who your customers are, etc. Be imaginative. If you are imagining a business that you will go in to, have fun with this part. If you want to focus this project on your employer, you may do this as well.
Develop your plan for growth using Michael Porters 3 Generic Strategies. Be specific in explaining how your business faces each of these strategies.
Use Michael Porters 5 Forces model to describe and set a benchmark for your business as it stands.
Perform a SWOT analysis to evaluate your external and internal environments. Explain your analysis.
Develop a Value Chain for your business that supports the Primary Activities and Support Activities in your business.
o Describeyourkeyprimaryandsecondaryactivities
o Determinewhichactivitiesarethemostvaluable.
o Determineiftheyareasourceofcostadvantageordifferentiationadvantage
Now that you have determined how your business can grow and thrive, you will now give technology a more central role in your business. Describe how you will implement a larger role for technology (apps, more computing power, databases, ERP software, etc.). by describing the following factors.
Determine what technologies will help to enhance your SWOT analysis
Plan your technology integration strategy using Porters 3 Generic Strategies
Describe what technologies will benefit your business using Porters 5 Forces Model
Explain the benefits of technology to your Value Chain
Determine how and where integrating technology will influence your DSS system
Determine what components of your business will be integrated into an EPR system
and why you feel that should be integrated.
Explain what ERP Software design methodology you will use to implement ERP. Be
sure to explain how each step in the process works, and why you think this methodology will benefit your business.
Note that the Value Chain, SWOT analysis, Porters Strategies, and Porters forces are revisited. You will describe this in a before and after scenario.
Remember, in many cases, you will be speculating here about the benefits of information technology, based on what you have learned. The idea is to look at how information technologies will benefit a business.