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Based on your current understanding of Faster Computing’s business, what are some potential benefits of Linux?

Faster Computing has contacted Go2Linux and requested a brief proposal presentation for migrating its systems from Windows to Linux. The company is specifically interested in seeing the following information: (10.1.1: Identify the problem to be solved.) Based on your current understanding of Faster Computing’s business, what are some potential benefits of Linux?

The company is aware that many different Linux derivatives exist. Be very specific and choose only one version (e.g., Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, Redhat, CentOS, Kali). Which would Go2Linux recommend, and why? Give specific reasons for your choice (e.g., security features, support, updates, user interface). (10.1.2: Gather project requirements to meet stakeholder needs.) What steps will be required to migrate the systems from Windows to Linux? Are there graphical interfaces available for the Linux workstations that would provide similar functionality to Windows? Some users are concerned about working with a command-line interface. (10.1.3: Define the specifications of required technologies.)

What tools are available on Linux for the servers to provide file sharing, Linux services, and printing? (e.g., Apache/Nginx, Samba, CUPS, SSH/SCP). Ensure you identify what the functions/services are used for (e.g., Samba is used for file sharing). (1.1.3: Present ideas in a clear, logical order appropriate to the task.) The deliverable for this phase of the project is a three- to five-slide PowerPoint narrated presentation. An introductory slide, cover all the material and end with a summary slide. Faster Computing has not yet committed to the project, so this should be presented as a proposal.

The presentation should be visually appealing; the inclusion of at least one image that supports the content and adds value to the proposal is required. (1.3.3: Integrate appropriate credible sources to illustrate and validate ideas.) You must cite at least two quality sources. You used at least 2 references and your references were cited properly following an accepted style. Use the Migration Proposal Presentation template to get started. (2.3.1: State conclusions or solutions clearly and precisely.) You should present your proposal as if you are selling to the company. Revisit all of these important reasons in the summary slide.