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Behavior Expectations
Paper details:
In this assignment you will use one set of the behavior expectations:
We are Friendly
We are Respectful
We are Safe and Healthy
Respect yourself
Respect others
Respect the Environment
After you decide what set of expectations you will use, pick 3 areas of the classroom and develop an example of what that expectation looks like. You should have 9 examples. You will use positive language, ” We are respectful when we say goodbye to our friends. You can use a chart like the one on page 131 in your text, and if you would like to add a picture of what that looks like- please feel free to do so. I want this to be of use to you in your classroom.
Areas to choose from ( Pick 3)
Small Group Activities
Meal time
Nap time
Clean-up time
Please include 1/2 page background on the age of the classroom ( toddlers 18-36 months, preschool age 3-5, school age 5-age 8). Discuss the difference between a rule and an expectation and why or why not you think this could work with the age group you choose, and how you would teach your expectations.