– 10 paged paper

– 10th page is a reference page

– 3-4 pages can be used for charts and datas

– Regular font 

– Double spaced



– Title of the behavior you observed

– Why it is important to you/the community/society

e.g. " Men will show more road rage than Women"  

– In this section, you will write about two research cites that looked at the behavior you observed/and or research that relates to your behavior. 

– MLA Format for Citation

- Method: You are going to observe 20 people. Can be 10 Women/10 men or 10 girls/10 boys (the two variables are gender and ethnicity) 

- Operational definition: you must define what you mean by the behavior e.g. road rage-gesturing cutting people off tailgating etc.

- Controls: here you are just listing other variables that you feel affected your observation (e.g. age, freeway they are on, people around them)

 -Write down your observation for each person include gender and ethnicity, how they are dressed, appearance, and how they behaved (e.g. how they showed road rage)


- Analyze the observation you got and state whether your hypothesis has been proven

(e.g. 7 out of 10 men showed the most road rage while 3 out of 10 women showed road rage and most of them are *include ethnicity*)

– After this analysis, you can do 3 separate pages of tables/charts which represent your analysis. Remember to write numbers, not percentages, and label/write what each chart represents


– Summarize your findings

– Compare your findings to prior research that you cited

– Talk about your feelings and insight about the research

– Make recommendations for further research (e..g. larger sample different freeways, age alone/with others)