Case Study

A palpable energy is released when inspiration and dedication come together in a creative art. That energy is transformative in an individual who is innovative, but it is transcendent when manifested by a group. There are no words for the dynamic thrill of participating in a mutual mosaic of creativity. Remember, you don’t have to earn your creativity—you were born with it. We are all potential artists, and artists cultivate their creativity obsessively, compelled by the need to create the feeling of community anywhere they can—in the subway, at a picnic, after dinner, even at a business convention. The feeling of giving enjoyment and enlightenment to the same human beings you have taken inspiration from is addictive.

When kids think innovation is the only way to be successful, unrealistic expectations prevent them from embracing the fundamentals of the art. It’s as if they think listening to Charlie Parker will somehow compel them to play like him. (They don’t need to worry; they won’t.) If a musician doesn’t love anything or want to be influenced by anything, he or she will never really experience the transcendent power of art. Believe it or not, some think that interacting with the music is like sleeping with the enemy, because its great achievements might influence their sound and sully their virginal, fresh concepts.