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BLOGGING:  This week we will begin by creating a blog to use throughout the course to respond to readings and discussions and to introduce ourselves to each other (and the world).  I would encourage you to examine a few options for your blogging tool.  If you are new to blogging you might want to try Blogger.com.  It integrates well with Google and is pretty straightforward.  If you are interested in customizing your blog you might look at edublogs. 

You can also use most websites as a blogging site.  Guidance for Blogs  Posts should be at least 350 words, but not more than 750 words.  Please use APA citation for any resources you bring into the post beyond the assigned reading. The blog should follow the standards for professional use of the internet outlined in syllabus (Netiquette). CONTENT FOR WEEK 1 BLOG POST

This week you read Preface, Introduction, and Chapters 1 & 2 from the Sheninger text Digital leadership: Changing paradigms for changing times and Gura’s The edtech advocate’s guide to leading change in schools. Both authors mention changes that are possible in learning environments today.  In addition to reading from the course texts, choose one of the attached articles to read and discuss in your blog post for this week.  Be sure to make connections between the article and the readings from the course texts for this week. Attached articles Bartholomew, S.R., Reeve, E., Veon, R., Goodridge, W., Lee, V. and Nadelson, L. (2017).

Relationships between access to mobile devices, student self-directed learning, and achievement. Journal of Technology Education. 29(1), pp. 2-24. Rashid, T., & Asghar, H.M. (2016). Technology use, self-directed learning, student engagement and academic performance: Examining the interrelations. Computers in Human Behavior. 63, pp. 604-612. Rule, A.C. (2006). Editorial:  The components of authentic learning. Journal of Authentic Learning. 3(1), pp. 1-10. Savery, J.R. (2006). Overview of problem-based learning: Definitions and distinctions. The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning. 1(1),