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Blogpost on Governing an Emerging Technology that arguably is seen to be posing a risk on society
Paper details:
This course goes inside technology to discuss its political and ethical dimensions. Technologies shape our future in powerful and largely unaccountable ways. Are they inevitable, or can we control the technologies that we get, anticipate the implications, prevent hazards and share the benefits? Is innovation a form of organised irresponsibility?

As science introduces new risks and ethical questions, what should governments do to control research and innovation? The course teaches students to think and write clearly and critically about new technologies. Case studies include self-driving cars, geoengineering and genetic engineering. We will use ideas from ethics, sociology of science, philosophy of technology and science policy studies. Assessment is through an essay and a pair of blog posts

This assessment requested is one of these blogposts. I will attach some examples of Model blogposts from previous years that scored well.

Please ensure it is of best standard, it cannot be too complex in language but formal mature language along with credible claims and statistics are necessary. Hyperlinks to research, studies, reports and figures all help to produce a strong and gripping blogpost.

Staying focused on ONE case study, keeping one technology in perspective, makes a strong blogpost, especially considering the max word limit of 1100 words. I will also attach the readings for this course. Support for claims and arguments from Theories coined by researchers from the readings are necessary too (I will include a reading list).

You must present a specific governing emerging technology, its purpose etc. but also what problems it is presenting or could possibly present to society if its activity is not governed appropriately? But then also question who is responsible for this governance and suggest what may be necessary to control this technology. (use secondary research to support this).

Present the issue in the introduction; discusses, deconstruct and discusses different perspectives in the body (supported by research and literature as hyperlinks) and then in the conclusion conclude that the issue is present and that some sort of governance is necessary and question why its not happening and who should possibly step in and when?

Everything, all info and stats, you use from external sources must be cited as a hyperlink to the website source of information, including websites containing research papers!!!!!!

I think the best topic to discuss would be something related to technology and social inequalities. How the progression of a specific technology may be producing a social inequality, perhaps due to inaccessibility to some e.g. affordability, widened wealth gap due to a technology? or health inequality due to limited access of some to a certain technology that has purposes in healthcare like in UK NHS or during covid?

The blog must have a title and also can include like 1 or 2 pictures that breaks up the text and accompany it appropriately.

Discussions from the course include:
Technological lock-in
Technological Dependance
Technological Hype
The politics of technology
Problems, solutions and technological fixes
Technology as social experiment
Risk and uncertainty
Inequality caused by technology (I would think doing something in this topic would be best) Responsibility