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Learning Goal: I’m working on a esl multi-part question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Prior to Reading:1. How would you describe the cover of the book? (3 marks)Chapter One Questions:2. Who do you think taped him (the protagonist is named Jace but you learn that later) to a toilet seat at the gym?3. Why do you think he (Jace) didn’t want Billy to know his father was rich?4. List two things you learned about his interests after reading chapter 1?5. Do you think he’s going to talk after the curling iron threats?Chapter Two Questions:6. What is a trust money fund? Why do people get one?7. Again he doesn’t want to be known to be rich. Why not?8. His father spent 350,000 on a Bentley. What would you buy with that money? A car or a house? Why?Chapter Three Question:9. Who do you think taped him to the toilet and asked those questions with the paper pad?Chapter Four Question:10. How would you describe Jo and Raven?11. Define retribution used at the end of the chapter.Chapter Five Questions:12. Describe Winchester? Use evidence.13. Research why the author named the father Winchester? What else is named Winchester in North America?14. Describe Bentley. What skill does he have?15. Seeing that Winchester is so mean to Bentley, do you approve of Bentley and his brother’s plan to get their fatherinto trouble? Would you?Week One End Assignment:Jace had a double identity. He is unhappy with the life he was born into. For this activity, imagine you areJace; sympathize with him and what you have learned about him. Write a diary entry from Jace’sperspective detailing why he is unhappy. You can make things up as you write to make the diary entry moreinteresting. (Approximately 10 sentences).Jaces Diary