For Quercus suber create your own version of what its record would look like if it was included in the Fire Effects Information System database: to an external site.

Your record should include the following sections:

Disturbance and Occurrence (20 points): A descriiption of where this species can be found and common associated plants and animals. Descriiptions should include elevation, topography, and site conditions.

Botanical and Ecological Characteristics (40 points): A descriiption of the general morphological traits, and physiological properties associated with this plant.

Fire Ecology (60 points): A descriiption of fire adaptations and fire regimes associated with this species.

Fire Effects (40 points): A descriiption of the observed post-fire effects associated with this species such as survival, direct and delayed mortality, re-establishment, etc.

Management Considerations (20 points): A descriiption of management considerations associated with this species.

References (20 points): A list of references – please limit websites to <25% of total references.

The expectation is that this report should be 8-10 pages in length of single spaced (11-12 pt font). This number of pages should include pictures and graphics. Please make sure that these pictures and graphics are smaller than 50% of a page.