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This assignment helps with audience recognition.
Directions: Prepare a 56 Table with an appropriate heading that identifies audiences of the five different Web sites identified below. The table should be prepared in a landscape fashion to maximize space and will likely spread over multiple pages. Should this be the case make sure that each page can be read independently without having to page back for row information. The illustration should be prepared using Arial 11 point type. The footer should have the page number in the lower right comer, the table heading centered, and the authors last name to the left.
Body of the Table and Row Heading Information:
Row 1: Brief Description of Web site.
Row 2: Type of audience: High Tech/Low Tech/Lay/Multiple (refer to page 86-89 from textbook).
Row 3: Issue of diversity: Age/Gender/Culture of origin (refer page 94 from textbook)
Row 4: Imagined Cultural Readiness: Attitudes Negative/Positive/Non Committal/Uninformed (refer to page 95-96 from textbook)
Row 5: Issue of Sexiest Language: Biased/Unbiased language (refer to page 104 from textbook)
Support your conclusions based on level of vocabulary; use of metaphor and imagery; type and use of illustrations and visual displays; communication format; and type of examples.
Column Headings:
Col. 1: http://www.nick.com/games/
Col. 2: http://adp.com
Col. 3: http://www.htmlhelp.com/faq/html/all.html
Col. 4: http://www.wired.com
Col. 5: http://www.monster.com
Vocabulary Building:
Your illustration need include the following words: assessment, neophyte, lucrative, inquisitive, and aspiring. Place all vocabulary words in bold italics.
FAQ: How to format a Table? and How to Resize a Table?