The required readings are attached. Please respond to the following discussion prompts with 200 75 words in APA, 7th edition format:
1) In the readings on Family by Joel Moraco, the author mentions several characteristics of the modern family which have evolved along with modernization and social-cultural progression. For instance, the traditional divisions of labor, family roles, marital expectations, incidence and attitudes towards divorce, gender roles, and societal and cultural norms. Briefly describe any TWO of these modern trends. Why do you consider these trends to be most interesting and why?
Be sure to cite your work using APA format. If you have questions about APA format, refer to the APA Style Resources module posted in the classroom.
2) In order to make this course relevant to your interests and needs, please identify 2-3 questions about parenting that you would like to have answered by the end of the course.