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We can talk all day about social justice and how things need to change; however change requires action. Groups and organizations have dedicated themselves to promoting equity and justice within our societies. Lets learn more about what some of these organizations do!
Your Tasks
Task 1- Research
Review this listLinks to an external site. of organizations who have dedicated themselves to the social justice cause. Choose one that you would like to do more research on.
Task 2- Original Post
Next, you will need to create your discussion post. Your post must address the following (point values indicated in bold):
What is the name of the organization? 1 point
Which social injustice(s) is/are their main focus? (e.g., human trafficking, racial injustice, etc.) 2 points
Why did you choose this organization? 3 points
What is their mission statementLinks to an external site.? 3 points
Briefly describe the history of the organization. In other words, why was this organization created? 3 points
Describe research that they are working on and/or current projects/ programs that they have? Briefly describe 1-2 of these? 4 points
Include at least 1 outside reference, cited in APA format. This reference needs to be cited both in-text and at the end of the post in a reference list. 2 points
Post must be a minimum of 250 words. 2 points
Task 3- Peer Response
Respond to at least 2 classmates posts. Discuss whether or not you had heard of the organization, and things that you learned about the organization through their post. 10 points
Grading and Submission
Your initial post and 2 peer response posts are due on Sunday, October 23rd by 11:59 PM. Please write your post in the text box (in other words, do not post an outside document). This assignment is worth a total of 30 points, and will be graded based on the overall quality of work. The point system is outlined above and you will be graded based on the attached discussion rubric.