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Find a first-hand account of someones experience of the issue you selected.

-Briefly summarize the account you selected so that your reader can understand your analysis without being personally familiar with the source or referring back to it. Your summary should minimally include what public health issue the account addresses; who is (are)
the person (people) in the narrative (name(s) and important descriptive characteristics), where the person resides, when the event occurred/the time period described in the narrative, and a
summary of the experience. Make sure to include a link to the account in your reference list.

-Explain why the issue is a public health problem, and describe health inequities that exist for your chosen public health issue i.e. by race, ethnicity, sex, SES, sexual orientation or gender identity, etc. as applicable. This section must include evidence (data and
citations) that support your explanation and description of inequities.

-Analyze this first-hand account (~1.5 pages) of a public health issue by applying a relevant public health framework. Your analysis should explain how this framework connects to or can be used to describe or better understand the narrative from a public health lens. Your analysis should not be an explanation of the framework itself, but rather should demonstrate that you understand how the selected framework helps us understand how a unique, individual experience
relates to shared characteristics or features that shape peoples lives (their relationships to others or their environment).
Select ONE of the following public health frameworks:
the socioecological model
social determinants of health

-Reflect on your learning by addressing the following questions:
Why did you choose this topic and account?
How did this account shape, challenge, or confirm your understanding of the public
health issue?
How is this account similar or different to your experience of this public health issue?