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British Colonies

Minimum of 800 words and no maximum word length  – but make sure that you answer the question asked. Essay must be typed in double spaced in Time New Roman font Essay must be double spaced. 

Document the sources you use with by MLA or APA format – listing a works cited page or putting quotes around sentences is NOT enough documentation. You can only use a maximum of 3 direct quotes throughout your essay – these quotes can only be 2 sentences in length. Question: Choose three British colonies and explain the following items: Use 1 specific example for each topic for each colony in your essay.

1.) Reason for its economic establishment/founding (3 examples – 1 for each colony) 2.) Reason(s) for its economic success or failure (3 examples – 1 for each colony) 3.) Evidence of the colony’s social temperament toward social conflict or peace.  Please take into consideration ethnicity, race, class, or religion in your answer. (3 examples – 1 for each colony)