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For this assignment we will be reading, seeing through example and applying the principles of Culture. I have broken down the assignment into three sections to make easier to follow and build upon one another.
A. Read Summary: As referenced in our textbook the cultural dimensions help build a foundation of interpersonal and intercultural communication. One scholar in particular, Geert Hofstede, a Dutch Scholar and former IBM employee, is credited for creating the concepts of value dimensions. Though, two more dimensions were added later by other scholars, Hofstede identifies five main spectrums the cultural make-up of each country and region of the world. I listed a concise summary of Hofstedes five main dimensions below.
Individualism (self) vs. Collectivism (group):
Individualism: when value is placed on independence and personal achievement. Focus oneself and immediate family is encouraged..
Collectivism: when value is placed on group identity, we instead of me. The focus is on the greater good of the group rather than the individual.
High uncertainty vs. Low uncertainty Avoidance:
High uncertainty avoidance countries: More rigid life structure.
Low uncertainty avoidance countries: Allow more variation in individual behavior.
High power vs. Low power distance
High power distance countries: people may blindly obey the orders of their superiors and are less likely to question authority.
Low power distance countries:. Employees are more likely to question their bosses.
Masculine vs. Feminine:
Masculinity: the dominant social values are success, money and things
Countries high in masculinity: People place great importance on wealth. High job stress.
Femininity: the dominant social values are caring for others and the quality of life
Countries high in femininity: great importance on cooperation. Low job stress.
Long-term vs. Short-term time orientation:
Short-Term: view time as a precious resources.
Long-Term: dont view time as something that ought to be saved, spent, wasted or lost.
B. Research: After reading the summary, I want you to go on Hofstedes value dimension tool and website and compare the dimensions between the United States and any other country of your choice that is on the list to give you a lens of what makes for our cultural similarities, connections and differences. I encourage you to choose a country you would like to travel to one day. You will have to click on the link below and scroll down and type in both countries names to generate the data and comparison.
Link: Hofstedes Value Dimensions Compare Countires ToolLinks to an external site. https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/