MIDTERM INSTRUCTIONS (50 points total):  In chapter three, Technical Research, you learned about Surveys and the importance in planning a survey for effectiveness.  During the discussion you might have received feedback from your peers on your own survey relating to an issue at your college and you also reviewed the surveys of others. I also provided feedback to everyone regarding improvements they could make to their survey. Now its time to polish the survey you created for the discussion.

  • Using the one-page survey (less than 8 questions) you created during chapter three, revise the questions, reformat the text . . . do whatever needs to be done to make it professional and correct according to the concepts of Technical Writing! Create a title, use appropriate spacing, have multiple formats for answers, use some specialty formatting. Anything to make your survey stand out.
  • Write an introduction (introducing your survey and reasoning) and concluding paragraph (thanking the participant).
  • NOTE:  If you did not create a survey during chapter three you will need to create one now. The topic needs to be an issue relating to your college.
  • When you are finished, upload the survey. 
  • Here is the rubric for grading of your revised survey:

 NOTE:  Do not type your name, this class information etc. on this document as it should appear “real”!