Chapter 6 in MindTap will not allow you to upload images of charts to the textbox, so instead of uploading to Cengage MindTap, you will upload your responses in a Word Document and submit it in Moodle.

Here are the directions there are three parts:

1.       Write a brief article explaining the significance of a special photo. Incorporate the photo correctly into your article.

2.       Convert the following survey information from 450 employees at GM Bio Tech into a pie graph. Top concerns include the following: 175 want a flex schedule, 50 want onsite child care services, 75 would like an exercise room, 50 want a lunch counter, and 100 want a merit-based salary system.

3.      Use the information from Table 1 (following) to generate graphics. For each graph, write a brief introduction. Title and number each graphic properly.

  • A pie graph of the bottled water, diet soft drinks, and regular soft drinks consumed in 2005. Total the gallons of water and soft drinks and compute the percentages.
  • A table citing the use of caffeinated beveragesincluding tea, coffee, diet carbonated, and regular carbonated since 1980
  • An informal table with the whole milk, other milk, and total milk consumed in 1975
  • A bar graph showing the total number of carbonated beverages consumed from 1985 to 2010
  • A double bar graph showing the consumption of tea and coffee since 1975
  • A pictograph showing water consumption from 1990 to 2010
  • A line graph showing the amount of bottled water consumed since 1980
  • A double line graph showing the consumption for whole milk and other milk since 1975. Do you notice a trend? Explain.
  • A multiple line graph showing the consumption of bottled water, diet carbonated drinks, and regular carbonated drinks consumed from 1985 to 2010. Do you see a relationship among this data? Explain.