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Question 1 – Email (10 marks)

Draft an email that will act as an introduction to the report. The report will be sent in the email to ensure that a record is maintained and also, if needed, can be forwarded to any other team. While writing the email, keep in mind that more than one person would be reading it.

Grading criteria:

Email structure and components – 7 marks
Email tone and content – 3 marks

Question 2 – Report Writing (30 marks)

Question A. Title – (1 mark)

Give an appropriate title that clearly describes what the reader should expect from the report.
Question B. Table of Contents (2 marks)

Create a clear table of contents that will help the reader navigate their way through the document efficiently.

Question C. Executive Summary (3 marks)

Mention the highlights or key elements of the report. The executive summary should give the reader an overall idea of the contents without having to go through the whole report.

Question D. Introduction (2 marks)

Specify what exactly you wish to achieve from the report. This will cover the objective of the report. Be sure about the report readership and direct the brief towards them.