Each student will be required to write a reaction paper (2 to 3 pages maximum, 12 pt. font typed and double-spaced) related to an OB topic discussed in class. Examples of topics chosen are: Social loafing, attribution error, Self-efficacy theory, impression management, and the importance of perception in the workplace.
A reaction paper is an opinion about a specific topic, which in this case will relate to OB issues.   The paper should start with a brief definition/description of the topic that you chose, but it should mainly consist of your thoughts, attitudes, and objective assessment of it. Your analysis must lead to a well-organized and clear reaction backed by reliable sources. Students must properly reference (within the paper) the textbook and additional sources from which information is cited.  Please make sure to add these components to your reaction paper: Introduction, Body, Conclusions, and List of citations and sources.
  • Blackboard submissions only. No late reports, emailed submissions, or hard copies will be accepted.