A group of angel investors has chosen you andseveral other entrepreneurial candidates to start and operate a virtualbusiness. The angel investors will own 40% of the business and will hold threeout of five permanent seats on the board of directors of your virtual business.Welcome to the team!

One unique competitive advantage of yourcompany is that it is a virtual business and your team will work togetherremotely. The group of angel investors will provide $100,000 in funding tostart your virtual business. Therefore, you are now a member of a virtual teamof individuals that must efficiently work together on the development of aviable virtual business concept.

Team charter:

Part 1:

  • Find a professional business report template to prepare a team charter.
  • Explain the purpose of a team charter and why it is important.
  • Analyze how the team charter will be used to ensure the success of your virtual team.
  • Analyze and explain your virtual team philosophy and provide a values statement (include three (3) values minimum).
  • Each virtual team member should develop a brief statement explaining the ethical theories, principles, and frameworks that drive their decision-making.

Part 2

Provide a manual containing guiding andenforcement policies and procedures addressing conflict resolution, performanceexpectations, and behavioral guidelines for your virtual team.

  • Use headings to segment the topics in your writing in order to create a flow of ideas for your reader.
  • Provide a technology plan identifying the tools that will be used for communication, organization, and execution of virtual team-based projects. Analyze and include resources, policies, procedures, and processes to ensure the successful use and application of chosen technologies.
  • Produce meeting agendas and meeting minutes and organize them into the appendix of the team charter report.