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Please, read chapter 23 in the textbook on Mergers and Acquisitions; also read other sources for more information on this topic. You will write (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) a 5-page summary of what Mergers and Acquisitions are; include the purpose, the differences, the advantages and disadvantages, the impact on taxes, and so on, of mergers and acquisitions. Your paper shall be:

  • Typed hand written papers will not be accepted.
  • Double-spaced you will lose marks on your paper if it shows more than the double-space and exaggerated paragraph spacings–meant to inflate the number of pages.
  • Your paper should be of a maximum 1-inch margin on all 4 sides.
  • Submit your paper via the TURNITIN by the date above; papers with a similarity (plagiarized) report greater than 20% will not be accepted, so be aware of this when you are copying and pasting texts (plagiarizing), this will be leading to a high similarity report. There is no opportunity for a rewrite.
  • Remember to write your names on your paper
  • I will apply for a refund or negative review if I find out that there’s using the above-disabled software


The  Best Business Objectives To Consider

What is a business objective?

A business objective is a measurable result an organization is aiming to accomplish. Many business professionals form objectives using the SMART goal method, which stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based.

As the organization grows, it’s important to regularly form new business objectives to effectively track employees’ performance and ensure the business is progressing and improving.

Why are business objectives important?

Creating a strong business objective is important for your organization because it:


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