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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business report and need support to help me learn.

Hi there, I need help on completing my assignment on the Project Risk Management Course, with the topic:

Project Industrial (a living case of project risk management)

You will have to be based on the Scenario 3 (ERGODYNAMIKI Company) that is attached as a file, also follow each steps of the instructions that are attached as files here. Tables will be needed to evaluate steps of the case project.

NOTE that I will also provide the content when bid accepted (an excellent work from past students, any notes) to help guide you into the assignment. You have to do the same structure as I show you on other attachments when the tutor accepts this question.

A minimum of 20 references are needed. Let me know if everything is clear, I will be supporting you on anything.

Please do not plagiarizze anything as I will have to submit it on turnitin software! Also avoid any artificial intelligence content!

Lastly, please BE MORE ANALYTICAL!! I need qualitative work, not basic since it’s a huge important report. Thank you lots!! Greetings.