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Business statistics article review/summary

For this writing Assignment, you may research any statistics topic covered in your course.  As you research, you should "see" your study outline – if you don’t and you’re interested in scoring a "B" (more on that below), you should prob find another research piece.  Prepare an accurate one page summary from your research of newspapers, magazines or reliable e-media NEWS.  

Note:  the research is not complete academic freedom but it’s reasonably-broad.  You’re going to-do what you’ll be doing as a business manager:  taking-in statistical information and communicating its value; as well-as showing yourself you learned something from your effort this Term.  Include a copy of (not a link to) the piece you researched and are writing-about – so you’re submitting two files.

 Write as-though i do not have a copy of your research and know nothing about your topic. Do this on-time for a "C". Provide some well-organized analysis of your research source by relating the story to your specific lesson/s.  Specifically-identify lesson themes appearing in the article and show me you fully-understand those themes.  Was the source accurate, helpful, improvable, etc?

Do this masterfully for a "B". End with a strong, insightful, pithy, punchy, attention-grabbing conclusion… … for an "A". Perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation are assumed with all of the above.