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I just need a DRAFT does NOT need to be perfect!! THANKS!
The MEMO has to PERTAIN TO the scenario BELOW:
1. Type of organization/company will you write about? ANSWER BELOW
2. What was the employee failure? ANSWER BELOW
3. How the writer (you) was partially responsible for the failure? ANSWER BELOW
4. What are the consequences of the mistake? ANSWER BELOW
5. How might you fix it? ANSWER BELOW
1. A door-to-door knife sale company. People get assigned areas to go sell knife kits.
2. The employee failed to go to the neighborhood that gives us the most sales. They instead went to a different neighborhood which lost us money.
3. We did not supervise them well enough, and make sure they were taking/ going the right route.
4. The consequences of the mistake cost us a ton of profit.
5. We are planning on sending different people to the area and other areas nearby to help us get our profit back up.
OK once you have the backstory this is what is needed:
WHAT: You must compose a memo to your boss in which you convey the failure of one of your employees. This failure has cost the company time and/or money. While your employee made a mistake, you are also to blame as you did not catch the mistake.
WHY: It is your companys procedure to write memos for employee files in basic error situations such as this. These may be consulted for performance evaluations and promotion decisions. Despite this error, you want to retain this person on your team.
MEMO DETAILS: Your memo should accomplish all of the following:
state the purpose for the memo
explain the failure of the employee (must include first and last name), including the details or reasons that led to the individuals failure (this is the root cause of the problem, or how/why it happened)
acknowledge your role in allowing this to happen (again, how/why it happened)
identify the root cause of the problem/error as well as the consequences of the mistake. You need to quantify these consequences, such as an estimate in lost dollars or lost time (hours).
share options you are considering to fix the problem and/or move forward (these should tie to the root cause to show they are effective solutions)
reassure your boss of the competence of your team (not only yours or the employees)
remain professional and honest throughout
manage the impression your boss is forming of you through this experience
Your memo should not:
be used to degrade, sacrifice, or destroy your employee or his/her career
defend the employee, promising this is a one-time mistake that will never happen again (thats not realistic)
accuse your employee of an illegal activity (e.g., stealing from the company or client), as that would be a fireable offense and best shared first with your boss in a face-to-face conversation
identify a problem that would be a substantial financial loss to the company (a small loss is acceptable)
absolve yourself of responsibility
blame the employees or your failure on outside circumstances (e.g., weather, other people, jury duty, etc.)