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Select 15 countries for your project by checking the check boxes under Country,including USA.b. Select the 2 data series GDP (current US$) and Population (Total) under Series.c. Select the most recent year under Time. Please use the last year when the datais available. Otherwise you will get zero for this part of the project.d. Choose Layout on the upper left side of the screen. Under Orientation choosePage for Time, Column for Series, Row for Country.e. Retrieve data. You can now retrieve data by clicking on the options on the rightupper side of the window. Clicking Table will allow you to see data. ClickDownload options and choose Data on this page only formatted. Thisoption will allow you to download the data in Excel, which can then be copiedinto your report file. Or you can simply type the required data into the tablebelow. Fill in the table below.f. Present the table in your project.g. Calculate the per capita GDP for the most recent available year for the countrieswith the equation given in the far right column