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Level 1: This level should provide factual information that allows you to assess the nature of the document. When reading a document or viewing an image, you should train yourself to be able to answer the following types of questions.

Who wrote the document? What was the authors background, what groups did the author belong to (e.g. class, race, gender, nationality, etc.)? When and where was the document written?
Who is the intended audience? Was the document intended for public consumption or a limited audience? What knowledge does the author assume the audience shares and how might that affect the presentation of materials?
What is the basic story line of the document? Do you understand what is going on in the document? Who are the important people or details? Can you identify the authors thesis, and what proof he/she offers to support the thesis?
Level 2: In this level, you will move beyond the basic facts of the document and begin to interpret the document in a wider context.