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Please go to data.world.community to find a data set relate to the cancer rate in the U.S and use tableau analysis first. Then follow the instructions I have attached start writing 2-page papers about your findings. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Please follow the instructions below to initiate your own health data analysis project:

  •  Go to Data.World Community
  •  Search for health, healthcare, or public health datasets 
  •  Query and download the preferred dataset of your choice and choose Excel, Python or Tableau (all three options are available on Data.World) to analyze the dataset

The two part assignment is graded based on meeting the following requirements: 

1. Data Analysis Research Write-up: Write a one page analysis of the preferred dataset describing trends and overviews. For Extra Credit, you may choose to research the problem that you have discovered in the dataset and  provide a half page proposal to solve the issue in addition to the one page analysis.

2. Data and model: Use the dataset to provide visual presentation to show trends, meaning and discovery. Please practice creativity with the visualization and include data synopsis or comments if needed. You may use Tableau or Excel for this portion, or any visual analytics platform of your choice. You may choose to upload Screenshots for this portion of the assignment.

The objection of this assignment is to apply creativity to solve a health issue.