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What is your total carbon footprint in tons of CO2/yr? (1 pt)

How does this compare to a similar household? Are you better or worst than average? If so, by what percentage? Are you willing to make changes, if so how? (1 pt)

Did you do worst or better than average for the following: Travel, home, food, goods, and services. Explain why you think if you did better or worst for each one. (2 pts)

What did you learn? What did you already know? (2 pts)

What are greenhouse gases? (1 pts)


2. After you post, read other students’ posts, and reply to two students. In your reply to two other students, compare your carbon footprint to theirs.

Compare and contrast your carbon footprint to two other students. How does your carbon footprint compare to your peers (people in your discussion group)?(

What is causing you to have a higher or lower number for your carbon footprint than your peers?

 Hint: Is it your carbon footprint for travel, home, food, goods, or services that is different than your peers? (1 pt).