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You are to interview a currently practicing APN of your choice. If you can observe this APN in action, it will also help your analysis. Gather the following information about the APNs practice:
(1) Job description does it match the responsibilities and the role? [10%]
(2) Practice setting: description of the agency, number and types of APNs employed, and patient demographics. [10%]

(3) The APNs use of the core competencies does he/she use each in practice? Give examples of the competencies in action. NOTE: each core competency is uniquely defined for APN practice; you are expected to analyze the practice in terms of these definitional elements, NOT a generic sense of the competency. [50%]

(4) Which competencies are most important in this practice? Are there other competencies important in this particular APN role? [15%]
(5) Evaluation process who evaluates the APN? When and how are they evaluated? Does this APN record outcomes of his/her practice? [15%]
Do your own role analysis based on your interview, addressing these questions. You will prepare a six to seven page double-spaced overview of your analysis of the interview. References should be included. 

Students are expected to search for supplemental articles an advanced practice nursing, especially as it pertains to practice in Hong Kong.

Written course assignments should reflect graduate level work as evident in the following three criteria:
(1) Depth/breadth evident of the particular topic with primary sources and other supporting literature integrated into the final integrative review paper;
(2) Proper formatting using the latest APA Style Manual.
(3) Organized, completed according to the directions provided, and free of spelling and typographical errors.